Course Overview


The 691 course is a foundational class that prepares you for writing portfolio entries. In this class, we focus on WTS 1&2.  (Once you have all of your SMU core classes completed, you will have written portfolio entries for all 10 teacher standards.)

Since this class teaches the process and structure of portfolio entries, we work on improving grammar and writing skills, using sources effectively and avoiding plagiarism, learning about APA documentation, and so on.

The capstone project for 691 is your WTS 1 & 2 portfolio entry.  You will use the SMU format for APA papers to document how using a research-based strategy in the classroom makes a positive impact on student learning.  

If you do not currently work in a classroom, do not worry. I have had many, many students complete this class without ever being in a classroom. If that is the case for you, you should think of a topic that you might eventually teach. As you write your portfolio entry, you will research and develop lessons and strategies that would help you as you cover your intended content area. That way, you are creating materials that you could someday use. We never want you to do assignments just to jump through hoops.