Module #1

Module #1 Objective: 

Learners will use a peer review form to evaluate and comment upon the required components of a WTS 1 & 2 Portfolio Entry. The completed evaluation form and paper with comments will demonstrate that students understand the components and expectations of the capstone writing assignment for EDUW 691. (SLO  1,2,3,4, 5)


Learning Activities and Assignments:

  • Email instructor with introductory email
  • Read the “Paige Turner” WTS 1 & 2 Portfolio Entry
  • Complete the step-by-step peer review form (formative assignment)
  • Please contact the instructor via phone or email if you have questions or concerns. 


Please read the paper written by Paige Turner.  This paper is a DRAFT copy, so it has a lot of grammar and other errors, but the general content is good.

You will notice that the paper follows the format outlined in the Portfolio Template. You will also notice that the paper is repetitive at times.

Please read the Paige Turner paper and complete the peer review form on or before the deadline.